The CyberVCR system is a server-based IPG with an automatic VCR/DVR scheduling capability, coupled with an optional real time recording control system.

  • With the CyberVCR system, the TV viewer can select, on a server IPG site TV programs he/she wants to record on a VCR ( or any video recording apparatus ), then automatically the VCR is scheduled. The IPG site can be a distant WWW internet site or a mirror site located at headends or at home.
  • While being connected to the CyberVCR IPG site, the viewer can check which programs have been previously scheduled to be recorded on his/her VCR/DVR.
  • The CyberVCR system offers also the rather unique possibility to start/stop recording on real time, as well as to get rid of commercials recording in an independent way.
  • Specific implementations are also possible concerning headends and set-top boxes.
As TV and the Web are now getting wedded together, the CyberVCR system becomes a quasi unavoidable feature at the Internet/TV convergence .

The CyberVCR patent covers both a server-based IPG with VCR/VDR interface with or without optional recording control capabilities. From an intellectual property point of view, this old patent has become a key intellectual property asset, within current circomstances of tense legal fights between Gemstar and other companies. We believe that a significant number of IPG providers and users, such as DVR and set-top boxes manufacturers, are currently infringing on our patent in regards to our basic claims concerning our server-based IPG without optional recording control capabilities.

October 2001 Update : In consideration of the fact that I have been called to be a witness in the consolidated litigations opposing, on one side Gemstar-TV Guide, and on the other side Scientific Atlanta, TiVO, Pioneer, and EchoStar, I have decided to postpone the openning of our renovated site until further notice. You may still contact me at the, addresses, for any specific inquiry.